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Current offers

16/05/17 REGION, the flagship Journal of the European Regional Science Association, launches a call for one position at the Editorial Team.

REGION publishes original scientific work in Regional Science, Regional Economics, Economic Geography, and related areas. It is founded to be an electronic and open-access journal, with the aim of promoting the free access to scientific knowledge. The bodies of REGION are the Editorial Team and the Editorial Board. The management of REGION is entrusted to the Editorial Team, assisted by an Editorial Board which aims to ensure the scientific level of the journal and to periodically provide advice and support.

To ensure independence of the journal and to avoid potential conflicts of interest, any member of ERSAC may not simultaneously be member of the Editorial Team of the journal. Following the ERSA principles, the members of the Editorial Team cannot be chosen following political, religious, social, financial or national bias. The members of the Editorial Team are appointed for three years and may be renewed once, up to a maximum of two terms. Terms of office begin on 1 January every year.

Members of the Editorial Team are expected

  • to manage the peer review of papers assigned by the handling editor;
  • to help authors understand the submission process;
  • to obtain a decision for a paper;
  • to promote the journal internationally;
  • to seek valuable contributions to the journal, including special issues;
  • when needed, to report to the ERSAC and EOC;

Candidates are invited to send an expression of interest (maximum 2,000 words) plus a full CV. Applications are to be sent to vroyuela@ub.edu.

Closing Date for applications is:

4pm (GMT time) Friday, 23rd June 2017

Interested applicants with questions may contact:

Vicente Royuela (Managing Editor of REGION) at vroyuela@ub.edu.

08/05/17 Junior Professorship (Salary scale W 1NBesO) in Empirical Economic Geography. 

The Institute of Economic and Cultural Geography, Faculty of Natural Sciences at the Leibniz Universität Hannover is looking for a Junior Professorship in Empirical Economic Geography. The position is limited to three years (but possibility to extend further three years).

Closing Date for applications: Friday, 26 May 2017
Contact person: Gottfried Wilhelm, Dekan der Naturwissenschaftlichen Fakultät at dekanat@nat.uni-hannover.de 

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