Hungarian Section

ERSAC Section RepresentativeHungarian

Zoltán Gál
Centre for Economic and Regional Studies of Hungarian Academy of Sceiences, Pécs, Hungary

The Managing Board

President: Zoltán Gál
Vice-President: Imre Nagy, University of Novi Sad
Vice-President: Pál Szabó, Associate professor, Eötvös Loránd University
Vice-President: Attila Varga, Full-professor, University of Pécs
Secretary: Szilárd Rácz, Research fellow, Institute for Regional Studies, Pécs
Treasurer (President of Audit Committee): György Csomós, Professor, University of Debrecen

Contact for membership

Szilárd Rácz
Secretary, Hungarian Regional Science Association

To become an RSAI / ERSA member, please refer directly to the contact here above.