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ERSA – RSAI Network

  • Is a wealth of expertise in a large number of fields related to Regional Science;
  • Provides great networking opportunities between different actors involved in top class regional science research, including development and planning activities;
  • Fosters innovative thinking and the generation of new and smart solutions for existing territorial and urban development problems;
  • Encounters great interest not only for governments at different levels, from local up to international organizations, but also for the private sector, civil society associations, and NGOs

    ERSA-RSAI membership gives you access to valuable events, publications, funding opportunities, and much more.

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Membership Benefits

Networks and Partnerships

We provide outstanding events’ platforms and foster valuable peer-to-peer networking.

We expand our cooperation with organizations and institutions engaged in general economic and social development in Europe. By facilitating the connection between academics and policy-makers, ERSA brings together great ideas and great minds as well as unique resources to meet the challenges of a changing world.

ERSA Annual Congress is essential for understanding current economic, social and policy issues.
Over 20 annual conferences and Workshops organised by our Sections

ERSA is a partner of EURegionsWeek and contributes to delivering outstanding academic Sessions

We organize regular roundtables and high-level debates with OECD, EU,

Knowledge and Expertise

ERSA’s sections represent the backbone of the Association, their presence and close involvement are very important for efficiently responding to local scientific research needs.

With unique Regional Science Publications and Journals in the field of regional science, we promote valuable research focused on regions.

We give access to outstanding videos with proven scholars

Knowledge and Expertise

RSAI, ERSA Journals such as Papers in Regional Science (Pirs), Regional Science Policy & Practice (RSPP) and REGION provide high-quality papers on a large number of topics in Regional Science.

ERSA Youtube Channel is a unique source of valuable lectures delivered by proven scholars at our events.

Research Excellence, Education and skills training

ERSA fosters research excellence. Numerous eminent scholars are members of the Association. They contribute to high-level knowledge sharing and training the next generation of scientists.

ERSA supports young scientists with dedicated programs and Award

Through direct emailing and social media, we share valuable opportunities with our members.

ERSA Keynote lectures during ERSA Congress.

ERSA Summer and Winter Schools for PhDs and Young Scientists’ Sessions at ERSA Congress.

European Prize in Regional Science (ERSA Prize), to reward excellence.

The Epainos Award to reward the best paper presented by a young researcher during ERSA Congress.

Membership Package

Event discounts


Boards & Working Bodies’ eligibility

Access to Schools and educational webinars

Local organization of ERSA flagship events

Epainos Award eligibility

ERSA and RSAI Annual Congresses, all RSAI-ERSA Sections Events

Access to RSPP, PirS, REGION, more.  RSPP & PiRS: Members of the Regional Science Association International are eligible for a 20% discount on the article publishing charge.

ERSA Board, ERSAC Representative, Board member of your membership Section

Tailor-made programmes for PhD students of ERSA Summer and Winter Schools

Under the support of one of ERSA Sections, members can propose the organization of ERSA Annual Congress, Summer/Winter School

Epainos Award dedicated to PhD students presenting their research at ERSA Congress

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