Current Calls for Upcoming Events

This section’s aim is to display ongoing and upcoming Calls for Submission for presentation during ERSA and ERSA Sections Events as well as other events relevant for the Regional Science Community

Ongoing Calls

Latest update: 06 May 2021

Calls for ERSA and ERSA Sections’ Events

Portuguese section: 28th APDR Congress
Cal for special session proposals: June 14, 2021
Call for abstracts deadline: July 5, 2021

Spanish Section: International Conference on Regional Science
Call for abstracts deadline: June 1, 2021

REC2021: IV International Regional Economics Conference
Call for submissions deadline: June 10, 2021

2021 Barcelona Workshop on Regional and Urban Economics
Call for submissions deadline: September 5, 2021

Other Calls

4th International Conference on Cluster Research (This event is supported by ERSA)
Call for papers deadline: June 10, 2021