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Current offer

03 October 2019

Post-doc position on the spatial economic and environmental impacts of desertification at Bocconi GREEN (Centre for Geography, Resources, Environment, Energy and Networks), Milan, Italy

Sector: 13/A4 Applied Economics (Scientific Sector SECS-P/06 Applied Economics)

The post-doc researcher will be involved in the following 2-years programme:

“Climate change, soil vulnerability, biodiversity loss and growing anthropogenic pressure are putting the ecosystem of vast areas of Mediterranean countries at risk. The aim of the research project is to investigate a specific point of view of these threats, namely that of desertification and its interactions with the socio-economic system. In particular, the research will address how the vulnerability of soil to erosion and desertification phenomena is influenced not only by exogenous phenomena with respect to the location (for example, the rise of the seas as a result of global warming), but also by endogenous and local factors, and how this, in turn, influences the productivity of agricultural and manufacturing companies.”

Deadline for submitting the application: before 12 noon of 23 October 2019 by e-mail to recruiting-adr@unibocconi.it and addressed to the Rector of Bocconi University.
For any further queries/questions, please contact Data Protection Officer (DPO) by email to dpo@unibocconi.it