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Current offer

11 December 2018

Fully funded PhD Opportunity on ‘Web archives and cities: mining the web to learn our cities’ hosted by the University of Birmingham and The Alan Turing Institute.

The project will explore how the dynamics of cities are reflected in and, therefore, can be sensed by mining online content. It will utilise an innovative data source of billions of archived web pages under the .uk domain during the period 1996-2013. It will exploit the unstructured textual data contained in these webpages in order to understand the changes that cities in the UK have undergone.

Applicant profile:
– Relevant social science background in either geography/planning/urban studies or linguistics. Alternatively, a computer science background and willingness to engage with the above disciplines.
– Strong computational background including experience in R or Python.
– Good statistical knowledge.
– Preferably, experience in Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning.

Supervisors: Dr Emmanouil Tranos and Prof Jack Grieve

More details: https://bit.ly/2Sth40Z   https://bit.ly/2zGMmuy

Application Deadline: Tuesday, January 22, 2019