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Current offers

07 March 2019

Open Competition for Research Scientists in Economics on Regional Policy Analysis at IRSTEA – Clermont-Ferrand, France 

IRSTEA (French Research Institute of Science and Technology for Environment and Agriculture) is opening a recruitment for economic researchers which will develop activities in the TERRITOIRES joint research unit (JRU) of Clermont-Ferrand (France) on regional policy analysis.

The recruitment campaign is generally aimed at young researchers who have recently obtained their PhD. Candidates are recruited on the basis of their scientific competence which they will put to the service of “TERRITOIRES JRU” major research axes by responding to a research topic. Candidates must have published articles on the results of their PhD.

Applicant profile:

  • PhD or equivalent
  • Specialisation in regional economics
  • Initial training in the fields of regional/rural policies and spatial econometrics
  • Good fieldwork skills are also recommended
  • Candidates should have a good command of English, and long-term international experience would also be desirable


Application deadline: Monday, March  14, 2019

25 February 2019

Open Call for Doctoral students with a focus on Economics

Jönköping International Business School (JIBS) is looking for up to three doctoral students in economics.

For more information about research at JIBS, please visit www.jibs.se, where you can also read more about PhD program at JIBS.

Working tasks
JIBS offer a full-time position that is fully financed. Most of your time will be devoted to your doctoral studies (80%) which includes coursework (120 credit points, ECTS) and writing a doctoral thesis (120 credit points, ECTS). The course work includes both mandatory courses in macro- and microeconomics, econometrics, and classics in economics, and elective courses depending on the topic of your thesis. The remaining time (20%) is allocated for teaching and administrative tasks. There are also opportunities to take additional courses in pedagogics for higher education.

As a doctoral student you will work independently as well as in teams.

Applicant profile:

  • Hold a master’s degree in economics or have acquired the corresponding knowledge in some other way, by the time the employment starts
  • Have at least 90 credit points in economics and at least 15 credit point in statistics (or the equivalent)
  • Fluent in both written and spoken English to be eligible for the doctoral program

Prior research, teaching and/or professional experience are meritorious, as is an ability to communicate effectively with different stakeholders in and around the university environment. JIBS seeks candidates who have the ambition to pursue an international research career and wish to combine a high level of scholarship with policy-making and/or practical relevance.


Application deadline: Sunday, March  31, 2019