This section’s aim is to display ongoing Calls for Submission for Special Issues in Journals relevant to the Regional Science Community.

Ongoing Calls

Current Call(s) for Regional Science Policy & Practice (RSPP), the official policy and practitioner orientated journal of the Regional Science Association International (RSAI).


29 April 2022

Special Issue on Modelling Pandemic Impacts in Space

The objective of this special issue is to increase our understanding of how pandemics evolve and affect human and society across space by adopting an evidence-based approach. The focus is not limited to COVID-19 but includes other pandemics such as influenza, AIDS, SARS and Ebola. In view of this objective, this special issue is particularly interested in submissions that use a quantitative approach to model and evaluate various aspects of a pandemic — their spread, impacts and prevention — with a clear urban or regional element in analysis. This special issue welcomes contributions that address in particular the following (or other related) topics:

  • Impacts on physical and mental health and subjective wellbeing
  • Evaluations of lockdown, social distancing and testing policy 
  • Spatial-temporal diffusion of diseases
  • Spatial resilience and recovery
  • Health system resilience
  • Cultural groups and exposure to infection diseases
  • Spatial determinants of health inequality
  • Vaccination disparity in space
  • Urban mobility during and after pandemics 
  • Use and perception of urban space during and after pandemics
  • Smart city and pandemics

Guest Editors

Pui-Hang Wong, UNU-MERIT and Maastricht University
Karima Kourtit, CAROU, Open University of the Netherlands
Peter Nijkamp, CAROU, Open University of the Netherlands

Submission deadline: 15 September 2022


Current Calls for The Review of Regional Research (RRR), the publication of the German-speaking section of the Regional Science Association International, i.e. the Gesellschaft für Regionalforschung.


Special Issue on Population aging and regional science

Review of Regional Research invites researchers to submit papers for this special issue on “Population aging and regional science”. Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Regional inequalities in mortality and healthy aging
  • Location decisions and age-related migration patterns
  • Immigration and population aging
  • Population decline, aging and regional inequality 
  • Rural vs urban areas in the aftermath of COVID-19 
  • Population aging and the housing market 
  • Population aging and elderly entrepreneurship, and regional economic growth 
  • Population aging and economic development 
  • Population aging and local finance  
  • Population aging and labor markets
  • Cohort, generation, and social changes 
  • Aging in place and social implications 
  • Age, space and health

Editors: Johannes Hagen, Orsa Kekezi, Ting Zhang

All submissions will go through a blind peer-review process. The deadline to submit the full paper is 30 June 2022


Special Issue on Family firms and Regional Context

Review of Regional Research invites scholars to submit papers for this special issue on “Family Firms and Regional Context” to advance our understanding of the interplay between family firms and regional settings. Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

  • The influence of locality on family firm’s decision-making and growth pathways
  • Family firms and agglomeration economies
  • Family firms and proximity dimensions
  • Family firms and regional structural change
  • Family firms in Marshallian Industrial Districts (MIDs) and business clusters
  • Family firms in rural and peripheral areas
  • Family firms and the spatial evolution of economic activities
  • Family firms and territorial innovation models
  • Family firms and knowledge spillovers theory of entrepreneurship
  • Family firms and location choices
  • Family firms and regional institutions
  • Family firms’ contribution to regional resilience
  • Family firms in regional path creation, path branching/lock-in
  • Family Firms and place-based or mission-oriented policies
  • Family Firms and university-industry cooperation
  • Family Firms and regionalized ‘Big Data’
  • Family firms and regional corporate responsibility
  • The role of family firms in digitalization, smart regions, Industry 4.0 technologies, and platform-based economies
  • The regional role of family firms during exogenous shocks (e.g., financial crisis, pandemics etc.)

Guest Editors: Stefano Amato, Evans Korang Adjei, Rodrigo Basco, Lech Suwala

All submissions will go through a blind peer-review process. The deadline to submit the full paper is 15 September 2022