ERSA Solidarity

ERSA offers proposals of assistance to students and researchers fleeing the Russia-Ukraine conflict, with the support of ERSA Sections and Members

On this page, we will be publishing offers of assistance received from our community. Offers must be sent to us via the following email:

Below, we are posting concrete support actions coming from our Sections’ Representatives or individual members. The assistance is first directed, but not only, to scientists and their families forced to leave their country to escape the current war.

The first European Congress of Regional Science was held in the Hague, in The Netherlands, in 1961, under the authority of Walter Isard, the father of the Regional Science. In 1963 Walter Isard assembled a group of scholars in Malmö, Sweden, for the purpose of establishing the Peace Research Society. In 1973, this group became the Peace Science Society.

Beyond its scientific objectives, ERSA stands for peace.

The 20 Sections around Europe and beyond represent the backbone of ERSA. As mentioned in our by-laws: “Within the RSAI, the association operates as a strictly scientific organisation, with no political, religious, social, financial or national bias. … The main objectives of the association are to encourage the sharing of ideas within Europe and to promote studies there focused on regional space…”

Current list of available assistance

In Brazil

Opportunity for female researchers/faculty from Ukrainian Universities to be welcomed as visiting professors up to 2 years (or more) at UFPR (Federal University of Parana) or other higher education institutions in Brazil.

Read more about the financial support, requirements for application, and information about State of Parana, where there is the largest Ukrainian community in Brazil (English/Portuguese/ Ukrainian):

Posted on 5 April 2022

In Israel

The Israeli Section (RSA Israel) advises that the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology offers to host graduate students, post-docs, or faculty members from Ukraine for a year of academic activity in the institution. For more details, please contact Dr Dani Broitman .

Posted on 17 March 2022

In Lithuania

The Baltic Section advises the following support opportunities in Lithuania:





Posted on 17 March 2022