The European Regional Science Association Council (ERSAC) consists of the representatives of the European sections. A Council Meeting is held yearly with the majority of present members taking a decision.

The European Regional Science Association Council (ERSAC) consists of the representatives of the European Sections (who must be members of their respective Section) as well as up to three additional members elected by the Council (ERSAC).

The ERSAC elects the ERSA Board: President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

ERSAC Board members (Sections representatives)

  • Baltic section
    Diana Cibulskienė
    Institute of Regional Development, Siauliai Academy, Vilnius University
    Address: P. Višinskio g. 38, Šiauliai, Lithuania
    Phone: ++370 41 595 864 Mobile Phone: +370 652 39930
    E-mail: diana.cibulskiene(at) or diana.cibulskiene(at)
  • British and Irish section
    Maria Abreu
    Department of Land Economy, University of Cambridge, UK.
    E-mail: ma405(at)
  • Bulgarian Section
    Kosyo Stoychev
    Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Bulgaria
    E-mail: k_stoychev(at)
  • Croatian section
    Vinko Müstra
    University of Split, Faculty of Economics (EFST), Croatia
    E-mail: vinko.mustra(at)
  • Dutch section
    Martijn Smit
    Universiteit Utrecht
    Dept. of Human Geography and Planning, The Netherlands
    E-mail: M.J.Smit(at)
  • French-speaking section
    Abdelillah Hamdouch
    Polytechnic School, University of Tours
    Department of Spatial Planning and Environmental Engineering, France
    Email: abdelillah.hamdouch(at)
  • German-speaking section
    Stephan Brunow
    University of Applied Labour Studies
    Wismarsche Str. 405, Schwerin 19055, Germany
    E-mail: Stephan.Brunow(at)
  • Greek section
    Yannis Psycharis
    Dept. of Economics and Regional Development, Panteion University,
    136 Syngrou Avenue, 176 71 Athens, Greece
    Phone: +30 210 9201722; Fax.: +30 210 9232979
    E-mail: psycharis(at)
  • Hungarian section
    Zoltán Gál
    Centre for Economic and Regional Studies of
    Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Papnovelde u 22, 7621 Pécs, Hungary
    Phone: +36 30 7199448
    E-mail: galz(at)
  • Israeli section
    Danny Czamanski
    The Ruppin Research Center in Real Estate Economics and Appraisal,
    Faculty of Economics, Haifa, Israel
    E-mail: danny(at)
  • Italian section
    Domenico Scalera
    Università degli Studi del Sannio
    Department of Law, Economy, Management  & Quantitative Methods (DEMM)
    E-mail: scalera(at)
  • Moroccan section
    Abdellatif Khattabi
    Ecole Nationale Forestiere d’Ingénieurs, Salé, Morocco
    E-mail: ab_khattabi(at)
  • Nordic section
    Martin Andersson
    Blekinge Institute Of Technology, Institutionen för industriell ekonomi, Rum J2415, Sweden
    E-mail: martin.andersson(at)
  • Polish section
    Artur Ochojski
    University of Economics in Katowice; Faculty of Economics,
    Department of Strategic and Regional Studies, Katowice, Poland
    E-mail: ersa(at); artur.ochojski(at)
  • Portuguese section
    João Carlos Correia Leitão
    University Beira Interior
    Convento de Sto. António.
    6201-001 Covilhã. Portugal.
    E-mail: jleitao(at)
  • Romanian section
    Daniela L. Constantin
    Academy of Economic Studies of Bucharest,
    Bd. Lascar Catargiu 16A, ap.8 sector 1,
    RO-010761 Bucharest, Romania
    Phone: +4  0723 184 807; Fax: +4 021 40 29 210
    E-mail: dconstan(at) or danielaconstantin_2005(at)
  • Russian section
    Alexander Pelyasov
    Council for Research of Productive Forces, under Russian Academy of Sciences and
    Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, Moscow 117997, Russian Federation
    Phone: +7 (095)135-34-59; Fax: +7 (095)745-36-91
    E-mail: pelyasov(at)
  • Slovak section
    Miroslav Šipikal
    University of Economics in Bratislava
    Dpt of Public Administration and Regional Development
    Dolnozemská Cesta 1, 85235 Bratislava
    E-mail: miroslav.sipikal(at)
  • Spanish section
    Fernando Rubiera Morollón
    REGIOlab, Laboratorio de Análisis Económico Regional
    Universidad de Oviedo
    Avda. del Cristo S/N, 33006 – Oviedo (Asturias), Spain
    Email: frubiera(at)
  • Turkish section
    Tüzin Baycan
    Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Istanbul Technical University
    Taşkışla 34437 Taksim, Istanbul, Turkey
    Phone: +90 212 29 313 00 (Ext. 2296); Fax: +90 212 25 14 895
    E-mail: tbaycan(at) and tuzinbaycan(at)

RSAI Councillors elected by ERSAC
(update July 2020)

  • André Torre
    RSAI Councillor as ERSA President, term 2019-2023, term ends in December 2023
    (previous terms as RSAI Councillor: I term: 2014-2016; II term: 2017-2019 – ended in 2018)
    UMR SAD-APT; INRA – Agroparistech; 16, rue Claude Bernard; 75231 Paris Cedex 05
    Phone: +33(0)686878093; Fax: +33(0)144081657; Email: torre(at)
  • Francisco Carballo-Cruz
    RSAI Councillor from ERSA, Second term 2020-2022, term ends in December 2022  (first term 2017-2019);
    (Second term as RSAI Councillor to start as of January 2020; nominated by ERSA to take over in 2017 from Jouke van Dijk – term 2016-2018 – who became RSAI Councillor as ERSA President; following RSAI’s interpretation – hold a full three-year term from 2017 till 2019)
    School of Economics and Business, University of Minho
    Largo do Paço, s/n P-4715-057 Braga (Portugal)
    E-mail: fcarballo(at)
  • Eveline van Leeuwen
    RSAI Councillor from ERSA, term 2020-2022, term ends in December 2022; (First term as RSAI Councillor)
    Wageningen University – Department of Urban Economics
    The Netherlands
    E-mail: eveline.vanleeuwen(at)

RSAI Councillors-at-large
(update December 2020)

  • Maria Abreu
    RSAI Councillor-at-large, term ends in December 2021 (I term: 2019-2021)
    University of Cambridge
  • Rosella Nicolini
    RSAI Councillor-at-large, term ends in December 2023 (I term: 2018-2020; II term: 2021-2023)
    Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
  • Isabelle Thomas
    RSAI Councillor-at-large, term ends in December 2023 (I term: 2021-2023)
    CORE- Université catholique de Louvain
  • Jouke van Dijk
    RSAI Councillor-at-large, term ends in December 2023 (I term: 2021-2023)
    University of Groningen

 In case of any inaccuracies or errors please contact the Secretary at rosella.nicolini(at)

ERSAC recent Meeting Agendas