ERSA Prize in Regional Science 2020

ERSA and the Jury of the ERSA Prize Committee are pleased to announce that this year’s prize recognizes Alessandra Faggian (Professor of Applied Economics, Director of Social Sciences and Vice Provost for Research at the Gran Sasso Science Institute, L’Aquila, Italy) for her outstanding contribution in regional science.

Alessandra Faggian is well known for her innovative and thorough research. She has co-authored over 90 academic publications dealing with a wide range of topics including migration, human capital, labour markets, creativity, local innovation and growth.

Her articles have appeared in journals such as Oxford Economics Papers, Cambridge Journal of Economics, Feminist Economics, Regional Studies, Papers in Regional Science, Journal of Regional Science and The Journal of Economic Geography. 

In a recent ranking of the top 100 regional scientists in the world (Rickman and Winters, 2016), she was ranked 19th.

Alessandra Faggian is a very active scientist, continuously organizing International events and conferences on regional science topics. She is undeniably a very proactive and visible scholar. In addition, she influences young generations. Her behavior and supportive attitude make her an important role model for young researchers.  The Jury of the ERSA Prize Committee emphasizes “Professor Faggian’s innovative research, her commitment to RSAI and her involvement in regional development all over the world made her the winner of this year’s prize.”

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Award Ceremony
The ERSA Prize in Regional Science 2020 will be presented on August 27th during the Closing Ceremony of ERSA Web Conference (25-27 August). After the Award ceremony, we will have the pleasure to listen to Alessandra’s keynote Lecture on “Resilience and Inner Areas: is Covid19 an opportunity or a threat? Some preliminary reflections”. more

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