Epainos Award

The Epainos Award is awarded to the best paper presented by a young researcher under the age of 33.

To be eligible for the Epainos Award:

  • The criteria of age limit and position will apply to all authors in case of multi-authored papers:
    • All authors of the paper should not yet have reached the age of 33 years on the 1st of September of the year of the Congress.
    • None of the authors can have a senior position as an associate- or full-professor.
  • The criteria used for assessing the papers are:
    • The paper is conceptually sound
    • The work is innovative
    • The structure of the paper is logical and efficient
    • The style of writing is attractive
    • The paper is well-positioned in the literature
    • The paper provides a useful contribution to the field of Regional Science

These criteria are included in the standardized evaluation form for reviewers and all reviewers are explicitly asked to score papers on these criteria (on a 1-5 scale). The scores are made available to the Jury members as background information that can assist them in ranking the papers.

Application and submission via the congress website.

Prize and publication

The first prize winner will receive € 600. A second prize may also be awarded, comprising € 300. In case of multiple first prize or second prize-winning papers, the monetary rewards will be split equally (over papers).

The prize-winning papers will be considered for publication in the ERSA/RSAI flagship Journals: REGION, Papers in Regional Science, Regional Science Policy and Practice. Because the paper will be subject to standard review procedures, publication is not guaranteed. The prize winners will also be announced on the ERSA website and in the ERSA newsletter. The prize winning paper will be made downloadable from the ERSA website.


The Epainos Jury consists of 7 members (update 21/03/2023)

  • Chair – Frank G. van Oort
  • Secretary – Sébastien Bourdin
  • Editor of Papers in Regional Science (RSPP) – Daniela Constantin on the behalf of Rosella Nicolini (editor-in-chief)
  • Managing Editor of REGION – Francisco Rowe
  • Member – Michiel Gerritse
  • Member – Michael Wyrwich
  • #ERSA2023 Local Organizing Committee – M. Luisa Alamá Sabater

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