The 4th International Symposium Reggio Calabria New Metropolitan Perspectives scheduled from 26-28 May, Reggio Calabria, Italy, will now be held virtually.

The Symposium to be started on 26 of May, will question sustainability in many ways and also include the current pandemic situation into the debate. It will gather eminent scholars, key representatives of institutions or organizations dealing with sustainability issues.

The President of ERSA, André Torre has been invited to give his contribution during this event. He will make a presentation entitled: ” Territorial development and circular economy: the preservation of local resources

In my presentation I will discuss about the question of the sustainability of territorial development, and of the possibility to develop ciricular local loops which allow to recycle and re-use locally a part of local flows and resources

André Torre

Read full details of the live-streamed programme here

In partnership with Rhegion United Nations 2020-2030 “Territories and cities, material and immaterial heritage, resilience and transformations in the perspective of the 17 Sustainable Development UN Goals.

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