Regional Science Perspectives on Tourism and Hospitality
Edited by:
Mauro Ferrante, University of Palermo, Italy
Oliver Fritz, Austrian Institute of Economic Research in Vienna, Austria
Özge Öner, University of Cambridge, UK
Springer, January 2021

About this book
This book approaches the tourism and hospitality industry from a regional science perspective. By analyzing the spatial context of tourist travels, the hospitality sector, and the regional impacts of tourist activities, it demonstrates the value of the regional science paradigm for understanding the dynamics and effects of tourism and hospitality-related phenomena. Written by leading regional science scholars from various countries as well as professionals from organizations such as OECD and AirBnB, the contributions address topics such as migration, new types of accommodation, segmentation of tourism demand, and the potential use of tracking technologies in tourism research.
The content is divided into five parts, the first of which analyzes spatial effects on the development of firms in the tourism industry, while the second approaches temporal and spatial variability in tourism through analytical regional science tools. The broader economic and social impacts of tourism are addressed in part three. Part four assesses specific tourism segments and tourist behaviors, while part five discusses environmental aspects and tourism destination policies. The book will appeal to scholars of regional and spatial science and tourism, as well as tourism specialists and policymakers interested in developing science and evidence-based tourism policies.

Publication date: January 2021 ISBN: 9783030612733


Mauro Ferrante is Assistant Professor at the University of Palermo, Department of Culture and Society, Italy.

Oliver Fritz is Lecturer at the Austrian Institute of Economic Research in Vienna, Austria. 

Özge Öner is Lecturer in spatial economics and real estate at the University of Cambridge, Department of Land Economy, UK.

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