The European Regional Science Association and the Local Organising Committe are pleased to announce that this year’s ERSA Winter School is named after a magnificent scholar Prof. Daniel Czamanski.

Short bio:
Prof. Daniel Czamanski, also well known as Danny Czamanski has three degrees in economics. He was a faculty member at the Ohio State University. Currently, he heads the real estate and land assessment program at the economics and business management facukty at Ruppin Academic Center. Previously he taught economics in the city and regional planning program and served as the head of the economics of architecture and building specialization at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. He was the director of the city complexity research lab. He has published a number of books and tens of academic papers. In recent years his research is focused on complexity, spatial dynamics, big data and artificial intelligence.

Czamanski is chairman of Czamanski Ben Shahar and Co. the leading consulting firm in real-estate economics in Israel. For 10 years, Czamanski served as chairman of the Haifa Center for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship. He was member of the education committee of the Small Business Administration, of the board of Israel Junior Achievement and deputy chair of the Haifa-Boston Partnership. During the last five years he was chair of the economics subcommittees of cooperation North, a cross-border economic development effort in Palestine and Israel, and of Border Regimes project.

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