Synergies and Development Impact on European Regions
Edited by
Elisa Panzera, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Springer Nature Switzerland AG, 2022

About the book
This book explores and substantiates the role of cultural heritage as an engine for local socio-economic development. Starting from the assumption that cultural heritage represents a valuable, unique and irreplaceable resource for European regions, it identifies and quantitatively analyzes tourism and territorial identity as two different channels through which cultural heritage can influence local socio-economic development.

The book highlights the fact that cultural heritage not only has a positive influence on local cultures, societies and environments, but also plays a role in the process of local economic growth. Providing comprehensive empirical evidence that explains and discusses whether and how the endowment of cultural heritage benefits local socio-economic growth, it will appeal to scholars and students of cultural economics and regional science, and anyone interested in sustainable socio-economic development.

Publication Date: 14 March 2022  | ISBN: 9783030944674 

About the author

Elisa Panzera is a post-doc researcher at Politecnico di Milano (Italy) currently dealing with topics related to economics and culture. She is a teaching assistant for Urban and Regional Economics subjects and collaborates in various European research projects. Graduated in economics at Bocconi University, She holds a PhD in Architecture, Built Environment and Construction Engineering obtained at Politecnico di Milano. Before starting the PhD program, she worked as a research analyst for international consultancy companies.

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