The 2022 Hirotada Kohno Award for outstanding Service to the RSAI goes to Prof. Jouke van Dijk!

ERSA is very proud of this well-deserved Prize to Jouke van Dijk. “His commitment to ERSA-RSAI Community over decades is of great value and his appreciated support continues. Congratulations and thank you Jouke, we are happy to have you on board! ” says André Torre, President of ERSA.

Professor Jouke van Dijk is an outstanding ambassador for regional science and demonstrates an impressive commitment to the RSAI-ERSA: Jouke van Dijk started his involvement with the Dutch section of RSAI during which time he served as co-organizer and member of the LOC of the ERSA meetings in Groningen in 1982, 1994 and 2017. For the decade of the 1990s, he served as Executive Secretary of the Dutch section with the responsibility for organizing two meetings each year. When Professor Juan Cuadrado Roura became President of ERSA in 1995, he proposed that van Dijk be appointed as Executive Secretary of ERSA and the European Organizing Committee (EOC) and he served in this position from 1996-2001. He remained a member of the EOC for all but three years between 1993 and 2019. From 2007-2019 he served as either ERSA or Papers in Regional Science representative on the RSAI Council. From 2014 to 2018, Jouke van Dijk served as President of the European Regional Science Association (ERSA).

In addition to his section/ERSA/RSAI duties, he also served in an editorial capacity. He was Editor-in-Chief of the Papers in Regional Science, 2007-2012; prior to this, he was the European Editor of Papers in Regional Science, 2005-2007. In 2012, he was appointed as one of the editors of the Springer Regional Science Series Advances in Spatial Science. In these positions, he has helped advance scholarship, especially of younger scholars, to print.

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Curriculum of Jouke van Dijk

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