Economies, Institutions and Territories
Dissecting Nexuses in a Changing World (1st Edition)

Edited by
Luca Storti, University of Torino, Italy
Giulia Urso, Gran Sasso Science Institute, Social Sciences, L’Aquila, Italy
Neil Reid, University of Toledo, USA
Routledge, August 2022

About the book
Presenting multidisciplinary and global insights, this book explores the nexus between economies, institutions, and territories and how global phenomena have local consequences.

It examines how original and innovative economic related processes embed themselves in societies at the local level; how boundaries between the state and the market are placed under stress by unexpected changes. It explores whether new types of elites and forms of social inequalities are emerging as a result of institutional and economic changes, and whether peripheral areas are experiencing insidious forms of economic and institutional lock-in. Presenting empirical cases and useful analytical and conceptual tools, the book makes current economic and territorial phenomena more understandable.

This is an important read for students and scholars in the fields of geography, sociology, political sciences, anthropology, economics, regional science, and international relations. It is also a valuable resource for policymakers, well-educated lay readers and economic, political and international relations journalists.

Publication Date:  29 August 2022  |  ISBN 9781032042343


Luca Storti
Giulia Urso
Neil Reid

Luca Storti, Associate Professor in Economic Sociology, University of Torino, Italy, and Research Fellow of the Ralph Bunche Institute for International Studies in the Graduate Center (City University of New York). His research interests involve the topic of organized crime groups at boundaries between legal and illegal markets, and the relationships between Institutions and the Economy.

Giulia Urso, Tenured Assistant Professor of Economic Geography, Gran Sasso Science Institute, Social Sciences, L’Aquila, Italy. Her research mostly focusses on slow-burning pressures of peripheral areas and their resilience to different kind of shocks.

Neil Reid, Professor, Department of Geography and Planning, University of Toledo, USA. He is an economic and urban geographer. Much of his current research examines the growth of the American craft brewing industry, with a focus on the role of craft breweries in neighborhood revitalization.

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