La Responsabilité Territoriale des Entreprises
The book published under the direction of Maryline Filippi, Bordeaux Sciences Agro, France
With contributions from:
Amelie Artis, Yannick Blanc, Jean Pierre Chanteau, Xavier Itçaina, Thomas Lamarche, Nadine Richez-Battesti, Alexei Tabet.
Le bord de l’eau, 2022

About the book
This book aims to clarify the notion of Territorial Responsibility of Companies (RTE). How to interpret the notion of Corporate Territorial Responsibility? What changes in the relationship between the public sector, conventional companies and the SSE does it respond to? What consequences and opportunities for SSE organizations? What renewal in the understanding of development processes and territorial innovations does it bring? How to measure and engage companies “in” this Territorial Responsibility?

Publication date:  21 October 2022  |  ISBN 9782356878861

Maryline Filippi

Maryline Filippi is professor of industrial economics at Bordeaux Sciences Agro and associate researcher at INRAE – AgroParisTech, Paris Saclay. A specialist in agricultural cooperatives in France and abroad, her research work contributes to the analysis of the processes of organizational innovation, governance, digital transition and territorial development.

Since 2015, she has been a member appointed by the Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries to the High Council for Agricultural Cooperation (HCCA). She chaired the French commission Afnor ISO 26030 “Social responsibility and sustainable development — Guidelines for the use of ISO 26000:2010 in the food chain”.

​Since January 2022, she has been editor-in-chief with David Hiez of the International Review of Social Economy (RECMA).

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