The 2023 Jean Paelinck RSAI Award goes to Prof. Paul Elhorst (University of Groningen) 

Prof. Paul Elhorst, University of Groningen, the Netherlands, is awarded the 2023 edition of the Jean Paelinck award!

The Jean Paelinck committee, made up of Geoffrey Hewings (Chair), Isabelle Thomas, Janet Kohlase, Juan Cuadrado-Roura, and Kieran Donaghy, provided the following motivation:

Paul Elhorst is Professor of Spatial Econometrics at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands, Fellow of the Spatial Econometrics Association and Editor-in-Chief of the journal Spatial Economic Analysis. During his 40 years academic career he has maintained an active research and publication schedule, a career that demonstrates his commitment to research and scholarship in regional science methods. In the 1990s his research activities focused on regional labor market analysis and then shifted increasingly to spatial econometric methods (theory and applications), with applications in a diversity of research areas such as economic growth, research productivity, regional tax competition, military spending, foreign direct investment and transport economics.
Paul is known for his innovative work on spatial panel models. He has made a host of contributions to spatial panel data models highlighted in his 2014 book Spatial Econometrics: From Cross-Sectional Data to Spatial Panels. Aside from its major themes, including static and dynamic spatial panel data models, this book bridges the gap between theoretical spatial econometricians and practitioners, contains a host of useful observations and illustrations, and provides Matlab routines with which researchers can run on their own empirical problems. The more than 2,000 Google citations this book has received clearly demonstrate the international impact of his research in enhancing the use of regional science methods to understand and interpret the spatial structure of economies.  

Andrea Caragliu
Associate Professor of Regional and Urban Economics
Politecnico di Milano, ABC Department
RSAI Executive Director

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