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Application deadline: 15 October 2023

CRIEL-University of Insubria, DiCEM – University of Basilicata and AENL (Association of Latin Languages Economists) (in collaboration with Istao) publish an international competition for a recognised and distinguished prize on research and successful initiatives in promoting and supporting local and territorial development, particularly important and distinctive at international level. This aims to encourage scholars, experts, young researchers, public institutions, public and private actors and firms, civic society and local communities to the analysis and awareness of localized development processes and good local development practices, by focusing on the dynamic interaction between innovative firms and the growth of technical and professional skills, the capability to valorize existing resources, the introduction of training schemes and support tools for territorial development, even with the implementation of the capacity for diagnosis and international comparison of territories, so as to favour the planning of investments and bottom-up development initiatives.
The Award is divided into the following sections:
a) Section “essays”
b) Section “young researchers”
c) Section “territories”
d) Section “enterprises”

How to participate
Participation in this competition is voluntary. Participants should send their application, fully completed and accompanied by the necessary documentation, to allow the evaluation panel to assess your proposal within the 15th October 2023 by e-mail to If the application/nomination is for a book, please send it, in three copies, to: International Award on Territorial Development, Istao, Villa Favoríta, Largo Fuà – 60131 Ancona (Italy).
The documentation needs to be submitted in one of the following languages: English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish. If the original documentation is available in a different language, participants need to enclose a translation into one of the above mentioned languages.
The participation is confidential and may be presented by third parties.
The members of the judging board may directly submit nominations for the different sections of the Award.

Ineligible applications
Applications received after the expiration date of the present notice, wrongly filled because not in accordance with the rules of the notice or incomplete, will not be evaluated.
Assessment of the applications
An evaluation panel, appointed by the Organizers and with three academic members and Professor Gioacchino Garofoli as the President, will evaluate the applications received within the expiration date. Documents will not be returned.
Award ceremony
The Award ceremony will be held in Matera (Italy) in the second part of November 2023 in the framework of the International Conference on Territorial Development. Interested participants will be informed in due advance about the date, place and programme of the Conference.
Confidentiality of information
All information regarding the Applicants’ profile, enterprises, proposals and contents are considered strictly confidential and reserved.
All interested people looking for more information could address to the Istao at the following address:
International Award on Territorial Development, Istao, Villa Favoríta, Largo Fuà – 60131 Ancona (Italy), e-mail:

Download the full information here (English).

Download the full information here (French).

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