Regional Policy: Theory and Practice
Ugo Fratesi, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Routledge 2023

About the book
Regional policy is an essential in any government’s toolkit for promoting socioeconomic prosperity. It comes in many forms and can be used to target the development of weak and stronger regions. This textbook provides comprehensive and systematic coverage of regional policy, dealing with core theories and looking at contemporary challenges in practice, addressing regional policy across the world.

Structured in four parts, the book opens with an exploration of regional policy’s characterisation, aims and rationale. The second part is devoted to issues of implementation and the instruments available to policymakers for intervention. The third part addresses regional policy evaluation, as well as statistics and modelling in policymaking. Finally, the book discusses how regional policy is applied in different contexts. Each chapter contains real-life examples of a regional policy topic in action and highlights supplementary topics for advanced readers.

With its broad coverage of the subject, Regional Policy: Theory and Practice will prove a valuable resource for advanced students, researchers and practitioners in regional policy, regional economics, economic geography, planning and public policy.

Publication Date: 8 November 2023  | ISBN: 9780815364085

About the Author

Ugo Fratesi is Professor of Regional Economics and Policy at Politecnico di Milano, Italy. He is the Editor-in-Chief of Spatial Economic Analysis. He has been involved with various roles in a large number of research project, especially at European level, financed by the ESPON, FP5, FP7, Horizon and PRIN programmes, or the European Commission directly.

He is author of a textbook on “Regional Policy: Theory and Practice”, published by Routledge in 2023. He is also author of academic books and articles published in refereed journals in the field of regional economics and policy, primarily on the themes of regional growth and development, policy assessment, cohesion policy, territorial capital, the models for forecasting regional growth, the theory and measurement of regional disparities, the territorial aspects of human capital and innovation.

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