Industrial Geography in Contemporary China
Canfei He, Peking University, China
Routledge 2024

About the book

This title provides an overall view of industrial geography in the context of contemporary China and investigates the development processes, research paradigms, and achievements of China’s industrial geography, with a particular focus on the post- reform period.

The first two chapters introduce the overall background of industrialization and evolving policies of industrial geography in contemporary China. Based on sweeping literature reviews, empirical data analysis, and case studies, the author then examines key aspects of industrial geography and geographical patterns, dynamics, and the impact of industrial development. The following topics are discussed in detail: the geographical distribution and agglomeration of industries; national industrial parks; urbanization and industrialization; regional evolution of industries and interregional networks; firms and industrial organizations; exports, foreign investment, and trade; labour migration; land supply; industrial innovation; environmental issues and regulations; and industrial planning.

In providing a full picture of the industrial geography of contemporary China, the title will be an essential reference for scholars and students studying economic geography, industrial geography, and the industrial and economic development of the People’s Republic of China.

Publication Date: 29 January 2024 |  ISBN: 9781032245249

About the editor
Canfei He is a professor of economic geography and the dean of the College of Urban and Environmental Sciences at Peking University, China. He specializes in the fields of industrial geography, evolutionary economic geography, environmental economic geography, and urban regional development.

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