Global Challenges and Regional Science (GCRS)

Global Challenges & Regional Science (GCRS) is a fully open access journal and welcomes submissions from all authors. Article Publishing Charges (APCs) are fully waived up to 1st June 2026.

GCRS is the official journal of the European Regional Science Association (ERSA). The journal encourages high quality scholarship on a broad range of topics dealing with the local (regional, spatial, urban) effects of, and responses to, structural changes caused by global challenges. These topics include, but are not limited to, the changing configuration of the local economy, of the locational patterns of firms, of a city or a territory caused by economic crises, climate change, technological advances, migration, geopolitical conflicts.

The journal publishes papers that make a new contribution to the interpretation of the new territorial configurations caused by structural changes through theory, methods, and models related to urban and regional science. The editors invite submissions of papers from diverse disciplines, including economics, geography, planning and development, that apply theoretical frameworks, methods, and models in regional science, useful to interpret the regional and urban effects of the major challenges affecting the world nowadays.

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