16th Annual Scientific Conference
Strategies of local and regional development: current challenges
22-23, June, 2018, Athens, Greece

The 16th National Conference of the Greek section follows the important organization of the international conference “Cities and Regions in a Changing Europe” held in Athens during the period 5-7 July 2017 in cooperation with the French-speaking Department of ERSA. Following this collaboration, the conference of the Greek section returns to the regular annual organization of national conferences. This conference will enable the presentation of scientific papers related to the interdisciplinary field of Regional Science.

The purpose of this conference is to map and analyze the changes that have occurred during the economic crisis and to identify the current challenges and policies in urban, local and regional development. This issue is particularly important for Greece where the recession was much higher than many other countries.

Submission of summaries and final articles:Please note those who are interested in presenting a contribution to the scientific conference to send a summary of 250 to 350 words before May 4,2018 to Mrs. Nadia Giou in e-mail: ipa (at) panteion.gr. The contact phone number is 2109248680.

Registration costs For members ERSA-GR: € 30 (Subject to repayment of the 2017 subscription, € 20). For non members: 60 €. For students: 10 €.