2016 Barcelona Workshop On Regional And Urban Economics
Innovation, networks and the geography of knowledge diffusion
27-28 October 2016, Barcelona (Spain)

The spirit of our meeting is to bring together researchers in regional science and urban economics who are working in specific topics in which we concentrate our focus. As usual, this workshop is also an ERSA activity. The 2016’s edition receives financial support provided by the project “Technological cooperation networks and innovation. Determinants and impact on Spanish firms’ competitiveness”, funded by the Fundación BBVA , coordinated by Rosina Moreno and with the participation of 7 researchers from the AQR research group.
Two keynote speakers: Maryann Feldman, (University of North Carolina) and Karen Maguire (Regional Innovation Unit of the OECD Regional Development Policy Division) together with 12 other presenters discussed on Specialization and collocation in innovation activities, Innovation networks, Human capital mobility & diffusion of knowledge and on the policy dimension of innovation activities.