2023 Annual Conference
Regional resilience in the face of global uncertainty
1-2 June 2023, Sofia University, Sofia, Bulgaria

The Bulgarian Section of ERSA – BRSA is happy to invite you to join their upcoming annual conference under the topic Regional resilience in the face of global uncertainty.

Host of the Conference
Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” Kliment Ohridski”,
Faculty of Geology and Geography

Conference Topic Background
Europe is in a stage of significant transformations with global and regional dimensions including political, economic, migration, social, environmental, and other transformations. The consequences of the global COVID-19 pandemic have not yet been overcome, and there are already additional challenges. Geopolitical, technological and economic rivalry has grown into an open military conflict on the territory of Europe, the consequences of which are ahead and require a clear assessment, while at the same time creating uncertainty in Southeast Europe.
Bulgaria and its regions have their place and participation in these processes. In our country, there is a need for political security and predictability. Bulgaria must fulfill its role as a regional leader and a source of political and geostrategic stability. BARI puts these public topics into discussion through scientific regional analysis.

Keywords of the conference are – priorities, resilience, integrity

Important Dates
3 May 2023 – Sending an abstract and registration form.
12 May 2023 – Confirmation of registration by the Scientific Committee
26 May 2023 – sending the final program of the conference by dates and sections

Conference Fees
Each author of a paper pays a fee of 50.00 BGN
Each subsequent co-author pays 35.00 BGN
PhD students: 35,00 BGN
The fees shall be transferred no later than 26.05.2023.
Bank details:
Account holder: Bulgarian Regional Science Association
UIC/Identifier: 177082210
Bank: DSK
Address: 8th December No1
IBAN BG40STSA93000024040432
Reason: Conference fee 2023

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