3rd Scientific Workshop on Urban and Regional Economics
15 December 2020, KUL Brussels

Call for presentations is Open!

For the third year, the Belgian Urban and Regional Economists Network (BUREnet) workshop will be the opportunity for scholars in urban and regional economics to meet and discuss their scientific research in a friendly, informal environment. Given the success of the first two workshops, the third edition will continue to provide disciplinary exchanges at the Belgian level with a new, unique opportunity.

Keynote Speaker for an inter-disciplinary dialogue





Professor Isabelle Thomas, Université Catholique de Louvain (UC Louvain)

BUREnet is very happy to invite you to submit papers for what will be the Third Scientific Workshop organized by the Belgian Urban and Regional Economists Network (BURENet). Expected full communications or abstracts can be located in economics and examine questions strongly linked to the regional or urban contexts and/or issues. Their focus can be on innovation and entrepreneurial processes, mobility, public finance, scientific policy, labour markets… This list is indicative and certainly not exhaustive. The main goal is to come together to discuss science with reference to economics and regional and urban issues, all in a relaxed and constructive atmosphere.

Deadline for expression of interest: 1 December 2020

Submission: abstract max 1 page

Contact: Nicola.Dotti@vub.be

Workshop: Brussels, 15 December 2020, from 14h00 to 17h30

Location: @KULeuven campus Brussels: Stormstraat 2 / Rue d’Assaut 2 – 1000 Brussels – Room: Groot Multimedialokaal 6306 (HERMES 3 BUILDING)

Please, note that, given the anti-COVID measures, more information on the organisation will be communicated close to the date, and the event might be cancelled if needed.


Nicola F. DOTTI (VUB)

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