18th Annual Meeting l Online Event
Opportunities of Core and Peripheral Regions for their Sustainable Future
27-30 October 2020, Cornivus University, Budapest

The Hungarian Regional Science Association (HRSA) will hold its 18th Annual Conference on 28-29 October, 2020 in Budapest (venue: Budapest Corvinus University), entitled „Opportunities of  Core and Peripheral Regions  for their  Sustainable Future”. One of the keynote speakers will be professor Eveline van Leeuwen (AMS, WUR, The Netherlands) the vice-president of ERSA.

Draft programme –  latest update 12 October 2020

CET time

 ♦ 27 October 2020 

10.00-17.00 Online sessions

♦ 28 October 2020 

10.00-10.50 General meeting (for HRSA members)
10.50-11.00 Prize award ceremony (in Hungarian)
11.00-15.00 Online sessions
15.00-17.00 Plenary session 1 (in English)
Keynote Speakers:

  • Eveline van Leeuwen, Wageningen University and Research, ERSA Vice-President
    City & Countryside in the COVID19 era: a re-valuation of space
  • Jan Fidrmuc Brunel University London
    What Has the EU Ever Done for Us? Regional Aid
♦ 28 October 2020 

10.00-15.00 Online sessions
15.00-17.00 Plenary session 2 (in English)
Keynote Speakers: 

  • Zoltán Elekes Centre for Economic and Regional Studies
    Foreign-owned firms as agents of structural change in regions
  • Alexander Wandl TU Delft
    Territories-in-between (TiB) – (missed) opportunities for sustainable spatial development?

 ♦ 30 October 2020 

10.00-17.00 Online sessions

Call for Papers

18 online sessions are organized in Hungarian, 4 online sessions are in English. In order to apply to the English sessions, please contact with the convenors of the sessions.

A)    Innovation and Development in Linked Regions
Balázs Lengyel CERS Institute of Economics
B)    Territorialisation of the Circular Economy
Alexander Wandl TU Delft  &  Viktor Varjú CERS Institute for Regional Studies
C)   Core and Periphery in Central and Eastern Europe
Gábor Lux CERS Institute for Regional Studies
D)   Consequences of Multipolarisation on the Core–Periphery Relationships
Viktor Eszterhai Corvinus University of Budapest

Abstract Submission

Extended deadline: 10 October 2020 (Notification: 12 October 2020)

Abstracts (max. 500 words) should be submitted by e-mail to the convenors of the sessions. Presentations of 20 minutes are welcomed.


Registration fee (for non-domestic participants and organisations): 20 EUR/presentation.

Registration fee (for domestic participants): 7000 HUF / presentation.

Registration period: From 10 September to 15 October 2020. Payment is required after abstract acceptance.  Registration website


Szilárd Rácz, HRSA secretary szracz@rkk.hu

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Co-organiser: Department of Geography, Geoeconomy and Sustainable Development
Corvinus University of Budapest

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