MRTT XXII Annual Meeting
20 years in the European Union: Catching up, territorial policy and inequalities
17-18 October 2024, Szeged, Hungary

Deadline for submitting session proposals: 10 June 2024.

MRTT XXII. public and wandering assembly will be held in Szeged. The conference will be co-organized by the SZTE Faculty of Economics. We are planning three plenary sessions and around 200 presentations in 24 sections. We are waiting for applications from MRTT members to organize sessions until June 10, 2024!


♦ 17 October 2024 ♦ Thursday ♦

09.00–10.00 General Assembly

10.00–12.00 Plenary session 1. Keynote: Simona Iammarino

13.30–16.00 Section meetings

16.30–18.30 Plenary session 2, award ceremonies

♦  October 18, 2024 . ♦ Friday ♦

09.00–12.00 Section meetings

13.30–15.00 Plenary session 3.

15.30–18.00 Section meetings


MRTT is waiting for the application of members of the company to organize and conduct sessions (in Hungarian or English) related to the theme of the traveling meeting. We are planning eight sessions in parallel, in three time slots (Thursday afternoon, Friday morning and afternoon).

The proposer must assume the role of section president and organize the section. The section leader will ensure that at least four high-quality lectures are held with speakers invited based on his own decision, and he will also have the opportunity to choose among those who apply for a lecture.

The proposal for sections includes:

  • the working title of the planned section and a short description (in 500-1500 characters),
  • four presenters (name, degree, position, represented organization, job title of presentation),
  • four potential presenters (name, represented organization),
  • contact details of the section president.

Please send the proposal to Szilárd Rácz’s e-mail address by June 10, 2024 .

The MRTT presidency will decide on the sections in mid-June. The sections will be announced in the 2nd circular of the traveling assembly at the end of June.

You can apply individually with a section presentation based on the request of the section presidents or by submitting an abstract according to the conditions in Circular 2.


We invite you to attend the traveling meeting. We reserve the right to change the program! In relation to the traveling assembly, contact the general secretary Szilárd Rácz at (72) 523 800 or at the   e-mail address .


University of Szeged, Faculty of Economics
6722  Szeged, Kálvária sugárút 1. )

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