Cooperatives in transitions facing crisis
7-8-9 July, 2021 │ Online

The International Cooperative Alliance Committee on Cooperative Research (ICA CCR) EUROPE Research Conference will be held on 7-8-9 July 2021. The whole Conference, i.e. all workshops, keynotes and roundtables, will be held online. The conference may also be audited by participants who will not be presenting papers.

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The ICA CCR Europe 2021 Conference will deepen the understanding of the resilience of cooperatives facing crisis.

How does the cooperative movement contribute to sustainable and solidarity societies? How do cooperatives anticipate and respond to new business opportunities and develop innovative solutions for a sustainable and solidarity future? How do we  characterize the democratic work of cooperatives and their impact, from the point of view of organizations, territories, and emancipation? The Conference will explore how cooperatives address current global issues and challenges, such as improving sustainable development, reducing income and wealth inequality, enhancing gender equality and offering a future with decent work. The competitive advantage of cooperative democracy, business performance, market share, best governance and digital capabilities will also be explored.

Moreover, the ICA CCR Europe 2021 Conference offers a unique opportunity to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the International Review of Social Economy or Recma (http://recma.org). Founded in 1921 by Charles Gide and Bernard Lavergne, the Recma is today one of the oldest peer-reviewed journals dedicated to works on cooperation and social economy.

The ICA CCR Europe 2021 Conference will explore and address specific themes intrinsically linked to the overarching theme of the Congress: “Cooperatives in transitions facing crisis”.

Important Dates

  • Panel proposal deadline: 10 March 2021 (postponed)
  • Abstracts submission deadline: 7 May 2021
  • Notification of acceptance and registration start: 19 April 2021
  • Early bird registration deadline: 19 May 2021
  • Reception of papers: 18 June 2021
  • Conference: 7, 8 and 9 July 2021
  • Young scholars Event: 7 July 2021

Thematic Challenges and Topics

1. Cooperative contribution to Democracy

What are the specificities that cooperatives present for facing crisis?

1.1. Cooperatives and the Social Solidarity Economy challenges
1.2. Cooperative governance and member commitment
1.3. Cooperative and social inclusion (e.g., gender, youth, immigrants, etc.)
1.4. Cooperative education and socio-economic cohesion

2. Cooperative resilience and innovations

The roles of cooperatives in affecting positive change in response to social challenges.

2.1. Cooperative and social, health, and economic crises
2.2. Cooperatives and commons
2.3. Cooperative innovations for new solutions
2.4. Cooperative culture, education, and emancipation

3. Cooperatives and digitalization

3.1. Cooperative solutions and new business models
3.2. Cooperatives and digitalization
3.3. Cooperative platforms and platform cooperatives

4. Cooperatives, Sustainability and European Green Deal (SDGs challenges)

  4.1. Cooperatives and future work solutions
4.2. Cooperative housing and energy
4.3. Cooperatives, ethics, and social responsibility
4.4. Cooperatives and sustainable value chains
4.5. Cooperatives, climate change and environment

5. Cooperatives and territorial development

5.1. Cooperative and circular economies
5.2. Cooperatives and food sovereignty
5.3. Cooperatives and local communities
5.4. Cooperatives and renewable energy production
5.5. The role of cooperatives in the rural Europe

6. Sectoral Perspectives

6.1. Agriculture and food
6.2. Banking and insurance
6.3. Retail and consumers
6.4. Health and social needs
6.5. Housing

7. Cooperative Law

7.1. New trends in cooperative law
7.2. General interest cooperatives
7.3. Youth cooperatives
7.4. Regional approximation / harmonization of cooperative legislation
7.5. SDG and cooperative law
7.6. Cooperative law and social economy / social enterprise: an alternative legal model to company law?

8. Commission priorities (2019-2024)

8.1. A European Green Deal
8.2. A Europe fit for the digital age
8.3. An economy that works for people
8.4. A stronger Europe in the world
8.5. Promoting our European way of life
8.6. A new push for European democracy

9. Cooperative governance and organization

9.1. Cooperative and member commitment
9.2. Internal governance
9.3. Cooperative ownership models

10. Cooperative theory

10.1. Transitions and transformation in established cooperative forms
10.2. New and emerging forms of cooperation
10.3. Multi-stakeholder forms
10.4. Informal, collective and mutual responses to crises
10.5. New cooperativism
10.6. Sustainable Business Models?
10.7. Cooperatives and the theories of (social, technical, rural-) innovation?

Email address: contact@ica-ccr2021.eu

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