2nd AISRe Summer School
The sources of regional productivity: agglomeration, institutions and technology
6-9 July 2021, Università degli Studi di Padova, DSEA “Marco Fanno”

Associazione Italiana di Scienze Regionali (AISRe), the Italian Section of the ERSA, is delighted to announce the 2nd AISRe Summer School  which will be held at the Università degli Studi di Padova, DSEA “Marco Fanno”.

Objectives and themes

The summer school aims to address the issue of productivity and competitiveness of the Italian and European regions and of the factors that can influence both the levels and the space-time dynamics. The aim of the school is to teach a research method to study complex positive and normative topics both from a conceptual and empirical point of view, based on advanced theories and methods. In this context, the school will focus on the following topics:

  • The concept of spatial agglomeration: theories, recent empirical evidence and indicators
  • The role of institutions on the productivity and development of the regions
  • Technology, regional diversification and underlying skills
  • The impact of Industry 4.0 on global value chains and the sustainability of business clusters

 Programme structure:

Each topic will be developed along one day through lessons, seminars on specific topics and tutorial sessions
according to the following scheme:
9.00-12.00 a.m. lesson
14.00-16.00 p.m. lesson/seminar/tutorial session
16.30-18.30 Students’ presentation
Confirmed senior scholars with high reputation on the topics of the Summer School will deliver lectures,
while experts will conduct seminars and tutorial sessions. All presentations will be in English.


  • Spatial agglomeration and productivity: Giulio Cainelli (DSEA – University of Padua) and Giuseppe Vittucci Marzetti (University of Milan-Bicocca)
  • Institutions and regional development: Guido De Blasio (Bank of Italy), Roberto Ganau (DSEA – University of Padua) and Andrés Rodríguez-Pose (London School of Economics)
  • Technology, regional diversification and skills: Roberto Antonietti (DSEA – University of Padua), Francesco Lissoni (GRETHA – Université de Bordeaux)
  • Industry 4.0, global value chains and clusters: Eleonora Di Maria (DSEA – University of Padua), Elisa Giuliani (University of Pisa), Silvia R. Sedita (DSEA – University of Padua)
  • Economic Complexity Lab: Chiara Burlina (Gran Sasso Science Institute)

How to participate

PhD students and early young researchers with less than 5 years of postdoctoral experience, from Italian universities and research centres can apply to this call.

Candidates must send their CV (Europass format, maximum 5 pages) and an abstract of a research project/paper on which they are currently working (maximum 2,000 words). The selection committee will evaluate the applications on the basis of the documentation submitted. The CV and the quality of the abstract, as far as its consistency with the topics of regional and urban sciences, are the only criteria for the selection.
Candidates have to send their application by April 22nd, 2021, to the following email address: aisre2021.summerschool.economia@unipd.it

In the object of the email, please specify “NAME OF THE CANDIDATE – Application to the AISRe summer school”.
A maximum of 25 candidates will be selected for participation, and they will receive an email notification by May 1st, 2021.
The participation to the summer school is subject to the payment of a participation fee of 150 euro, reduced to 65 euro for young (under 35) scholars. Travel, food and accommodation are at the expense of the participant.
The payment of the participation fee includes the individual membership to AISRe.

AISRe membership also includes:

– a subscription to Scienze Regionali (Italian Journal of Regional Science) for the following calendar year (https://www.mulino.it/riviste/issn/1720-3929);

– the volumes of the Regional Science Series (FrancoAngeli) published during the business year;

– the registration to the Regional Science Association International (RSAI), which includes an online subscription to the journals Papers in Regional Science and Regional Science Policy & Practice for the following calendar year;

– the opportunity to pay a reduced fee at the annual conferences of the international associations: European Regional Science Association (ERSA) (www.ersa.org) and Regional Science Association International (RSAI) (https://regionalscience.org/).

At present, the summer school is expected to take place in presence. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, however, organisers cannot exclude the event will have to be held remotely.
A final decision on this aspect will be communicated to all participants by June 1st, 2021.

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