AISRE XLIII Annual Scientific Conference
Cities and Regions in transition
5-7 September 2022 │Milan, Italy

The Italian Regional Science Association (A.I.S.Re), the Italian Section of the Regional Science Association International (RSAI), announces its XLIII Annual Scientific Conference, welcoming contributions from researchers working on different disciplines in the field of regional science.

The main theme of the XLIII Conference is the post-pandemic transition process involving cities and regions. The pandemic has opened a debate on the future of our territories. Cities and regions are confronted with new challenges and opportunities, which require important transitions.

From an urban perspective, the open question is if the pandemic crisis has in fact triggered slow changes towards more livable cities – in terms of improved transport/environmental/health organization – or, on the contrary, towards cities that will have to revise their relative position and their competitiveness as favoured locations for residential and productive activities, with the risk of broad polarization processes leading to greater fragility.

From a regional perspective, the crisis generated by the pandemic has widened the gap between wealthy and poor areas, between growing and declining places, opening the question on the effectiveness of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP) in relaunching the economy and reabsorbing regional disparities and income inequality.

This happens at a time of great technological transformation. The advent of 4.0 technologies will soon produce opportunities for economic growth and employment development in our territories, generating important challenges, still largely unexplored.

The conference represents an important occasion of discussion on the identification of factors that allow the structural transformation of territories without losing their peculiar characteristics and on policies and governance structures most suitable to start and/or facilitate the transition towards the recovery and the modernity of the country and of its territories.

Besides the main theme, the A.I.S.Re conference is a place for debating the major topics in regional science. Thus, the A.I.S.Re invites all those interested to present original scientific works on the following themes:

  1. Governance, regional and territorial public policies, European programming
  2. Growth, decline, and regional disparities
  3. Globalization, value chains and local production systems
  4. Methods of territorial analysis and spatial econometrics
  5. Labor, welfare, personal services and social policies
  6. Tourism, culture and local development
  7. Urban planning, real estate market and city development processes
  8. Infrastructure, transport, mobility and local development
  9. Wellbeing, sustainability, and local development
  10. Urban development and agglomeration economies
  11. Development and local entrepreneurship
  12. Innovation, creativity and local development
  13. Policy evaluation methods



There are two ways to participate in the Conference:

  • with organized sessionsParticipants can propose themselves as session organizers (no more than two sessions per organizer) on specific themes. The proposal can be submitted directly from the login area of the website, by entering the name of the scientific manager, the session title and the tentative number of presentations.  The deadline for the submission is January 16, 2022.
  • with individual papers or posters. Those interested should submit an abstract by February 27, 2022, directly from the login area of the website. Posters presentations are subject to the same procedure as for papers. In this case, the abstract should include in the title “poster mode”. The deadline for the submission of the abstract is February 27, 2022. The detailed instructions for presenting authors on the editing of papers and posters are available at the conference website (link).

Participants can propose themselves as session organizers (no more than two sessions per organizer) on specific themes. The deadline for the submission is January 16, 2022.

Individual papers and posters can be submitted until February 27, 2022.

The call for papers, with more information on submissions, awards for young scholars and all the administrative aspects can be found on the AISRe website:


March 27, 2022 Papers/poster acceptance
May 1, 2022 Reduced registration fee
June 19, 2022 Full registration fee
July 17, 2022 Programme publication on the website (, based on payed registrations.
July 24, 2022 Papers/posters submission



To promote the dissemination of Regional Science among young scholars, AISRe will assign the following awards:

  • D. Dissertation Awards;
  • Best paper presented by a young scholar Award.
  • Best poster Award.

The instructions for application are published in a dedicated call available in the Awards section.

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