AISRE XLIV Annual Scientific Conference
Europe and the Mediterranean between transitions and conflicts. Opportunities and risks for regions and territories
6-8 September 2023, Naples, Italy

The Italian Regional Science Association (A.I.S.Re), the Italian Section of the Regional Science Association International (RSAI), announces its Annual Scientific Conference and welcomes contributions from reserchers working on different disciplines in the field of regional science.

The conference venue is Università degli Studi di Napoli Parthenope, Palazzo Pacanowski, via Generale Parisi, 13, Napoli.

The main theme of the XLIV Conference is the profound transformation at place in Europe, and especially in the Mediterranean area, as a result of both the technological and ecological transitions and of the new geo-political tensions.

The deep changes underway are expected to have important socio-economic effects and to reshape opportunities and risks for regions, cities and territories. The adoption of digital technologies is proceeding at a weaker pace than expected and unevenly among regions, slowing down the recovery of productivity and worsening territorial differences between North and South and between core and peripheral areas. The ecological transition, made urgent by the climate crisis, has found an obstacle in the strong growth in energy prices, mainly following the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine. An impressive migratory flow towards Europe persists in the Mediterranean basin, but new opportunities are also opening up for the development of international trade and supply chains, which are being redesigned with the war and the post-pandemic era. These factors describe a new, more complex and changing scenario in which the future of the territories must be framed and appropriately rethought, in order to make the most of the possibilities offered by the PNRR, already in the early stages of implementation. The conference intends to represent an opportunity for reflection and discussion on the determinants and consequences of the structural transformations taking place in the various territories, as well as on the policies and governance structures which, in a context of greater uncertainty and political and economic turbulence, can better initiate and / or facilitate the transition towards a phase of renewed growth of the country and its regions.

Besides the main theme, the A.I.S.Re conference is a place for debating the major topics in regional science. Thus, the A.I.S.Re invites all those interested to present original scientific works on the following themes:

A. Governance, regional and territorial public policies, European programming
B. Growth, decline, and regional disparities
C. Globalization, value chains and local production systems
D. Methods of territorial analysis and spatial econometrics
E. Labor, welfare, personal services and social policies
F. Tourism, culture and local development
G. Urban planning, real estate market and city development processes
H. Infrastructure, transport, mobility and local development
I. Wellbeing, sustainability, and local development
L. Urban development and agglomeration economies
M. Development and local entrepreneurship
N. Innovation, creativity and local development
O. Policy evaluation methods


There are two ways to participate in the Conference:

  • with organized sessionsParticipants can propose themselves as session organizers (no more than two sessions per organizer) on specific themes. The proposal can be submitted directly from the login area of the website, by entering the name of the scientific manager, the session title and the tentative number of presentations. The deadline for the submission is 31 January 2023.
  • with individual papers or posters. Those interested should submit an abstract by 28 February 2023, directly from the login area of the website. Posters presentations are subject to the same procedure as for papers. In this case, the abstract should include in the title “poster mode”. The detailed instructions for presenting authors on the editing of papers and posters are available at the conference website (link).


  • 31 March 2023    Papers/poster acceptance
  • 31 May 2023        Registration at early bird fee
  • 20 June 2023      Registration at full fee
  • 15 July 2023        Papers/posters submission
  • 20 July 2023       Programme publication on the website (, based on payed registrations.


To promote the diffusion of Regional Science among young scholars, AISRe (the Italian Section of the Regional Science Association International) has established an annual award for two PhD dissertations in memory of Giorgio Leonardi, one award for the most original and innovative paper presented by a young scholar to its annual scientific conference, and one best poster award.


The Italian Association of Regional Sciences (AISRe), in memory of Giorgio Leonardi, announces annually a competition for two doctoral prizes in disciplines related to Regional Sciences in order to promote their diffusion among young scholars.
Application deadline: 26 April 2023
Download the call (PDF)


In order to promote the diffusion of Regional Sciences in the Italian academic world, AISRe award the most original and innovative paper to be presented at the Annual Conference by a young scholar.
Abstract & Paper deadline: 20 May 2023
Download the call (PDF)


To promote the diffusion of Regional Science in the Italian university system and stimulate poster format presentations, AISRe has established the best poster award. Thematic and methodological deepening of the presentation and the communication skills represent the criteria for the Award.
Application deadline: 20 May 2023
Download the call (PDF)

The instructions for application are published in a dedicated call available in the Awards section.


Membership of the association is a necessary condition for participating in the activities promoted by AISRe, which is a non-profit association.

You can join the association either at the same time as registration for the conference or at any other time. Useful information for registering for both the association and the annual conference, are available at the Registration section.

AISRe membership benefits include:

  • the subscription to Scienze Regionali (Italian Journal of Regional Science) for the following calendar year (;
  • the volumes of the Regional Science Series (FrancoAngeli) published during the business year and the AISRe E-book (Donzelli);
  • the registration to the Regional Science Association International (RSAI), which includes an online subscription to the journal Papers in Regional Science for the following calendar year, the opportunity to pay a reduced fee at the Annual Conferences of the International Associations European Regional Science Association (ERSA) ( and of the Regional Science Association International (RSAI) (;
  • young scholars have also the opportunity to participate to the Summer/Winter Schools of Aisre.

 Treasury AISRe
Augusto Cerqua, Università La Sapienza
Via Edoardo Bonardi 3, 20133 Milano

Technical Secretary A.I.S.Re
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