ERSA COVID Battles Series

ERSA is happy to launch a new Webinar Series in relation to the current pandemic.

In this new event format, ERSA will invite each time two outstanding key actors, from the academic sector or from Public or Policy Institutions, to debate.

The scope of these battles is to compare invitees’ respective knowledge and positions and to exchange arguments so that we further steps forward to enhance new efficient solutions for society.

ERSA Covid Battle Series: Agenda

29 November 2 pm (CET), Zoom – 2nd ERSA Covid Battle
The impact of COVID 19 on tourism and mobility
Contributions by:
  • Özge Öner, Associate Professor, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
    “Reviving tourism in the post-COVID world”
  • João Romão, Associate Professor, Yasuda Women’s University, Japan
    “Covid-19 meets climate change: from over-tourism to no-tourism and back”

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12 March 2 pm (CET), Zoom – 1st ERSA Covid Battle
Covid-19: Towards a regional European Policy?”

Contributions by:
  • Sébastien Bourdin, Associate Professor at the Normandy Business School (France)
    COVID-19: a regional geography of the pandemic”
  • Wolfgang Petzold, Deputy Director at European Committee of the Regions
    COVID-19 and EU regions: challenges, policy responses and prospects“.

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