AQR-IREA is pleased to announce the RSAI/ERSA 2015 Barcelona Workshop on Regional and Urban Economics, to be held in Barcelona on November 26th-27th 2015.

The workshop will be focused on Spatial Perspectives of Human Capital. Its aim is to bring together researchers in urban and regional economics who are working in topics where the broad concept of human capital plays a fundamental role.

Call for papers:

We are especially interested in original and innovative research papers that focus on the interconnections between space and human capital. Although the Workshop will focus on empirical papers, theoretical studies are also welcome. A non-exhaustive list of topics includes neighborhood effects in human capital formation; spatial spillovers of human capital; local labour market and human capital accumulation; regional heterogeneity in returns to schooling and skills; regional disparities in schooling performance; the spatial distribution of human capital.

Keynote speaker:

Stephen Gibbons (Department of Geography and Environment, SERC and CEP, LSE)

Further details on the Call, Keynote Speaker, Location and more, can be found HERE