Title: Energy issues in regional and urban development

Code: 15UNIV04

Thursday 15th at 11:15 – 13:00

A joint workshop with ERSA & AESOP which addresses the challenges and opportunities faced by cities and regions with regard to energy and climate change issues. Energy efficiency objectives and risk mitigation strategies affect many aspects of everyday life and economic activity(planning, transport, agriculture, housing, production, etc.). This workshop aims to promote understanding of how energy issues challenge existing regional, urban and development models. It also questions the way these issues may help to reduce costs and promote more geographically-balanced development.


  • Dr. Cheryl Deboer
  • Prof. Youssef Diab
  • Prof. Stephan Greiving


Mr. Yann Françoise

Venue: European Commission, Charlemagne, Room Alcide de Gasperi