ERSA is pleased to announce that Stefano Corsi – professor : Universita degli studi di Milano (University of Milan) will be involved in the workshop of : Smart development for rural areas? Code:15UNIV02

Thursday 15th at 09:00 – 10:45

This workshop raises questions about the future of European rural areas, in the light of the new H2020 policy. The EU growth strategy for 2020 builds on the ambition to become “a smart, sustainable and inclusive economy”. Does this new orientation of smart specialization apply to rural areas, which currently make up the majority of the EU’s land surface and involve millions of people? Or is it reserved for the cities and their suburbs which are the world’s most urbanized area, with an expected growth of the urban population?


  • Mr. Stefano Corsi
  • Mr. Michael Steiner
  • Mr. André Torre
  • Mr. Hans Westlund


Mr. Jose Enrique Garcilazo
Venue: European Commission, Charlemagne, Room Alcide de Gasperi