EWRC University Sessions 2016 – ERSA Participation

For this year programme, ERSA is proud to be a leading organizer of the two following University sessions:

 UNIV12A100 – Challenges and opportunities of climate change: focus on smart transport

Wednesday 12 October, 11h15-13h00

Territories are nowadays key places in the development of actions dealing with global warming. This workshop addresses the issue of territorial implications of climate change. It starts with a round table on the challenges faced by EU regions and cities and how they mobilize to cope with them, with a particular attention to environmental and socio-economic impacts on the development of EU territories. The purpose of the second round table is about the mobilization on the transport issue and in particular the impacts of the roadmap about accessibility and connectivity developed by the JPI Urban Europe (2015).

UNIV11B22 – The new self-employed in Europe. Do they contribute to territorial and social cohesion? 

Tuesday 11 October, 14h30-17h00

One of the major employment developments in Europe is the rise of self-employment and entrepreneurship. Under the influence of spatial sorting of self-employed and distinct regional economic opportunities, regional inequality will be influenced by the shift towards self-employment. Partially, the rise reflects increasing opportunities to realize entrepreneurial ambitions. For some, it is a forced reaction to a labour market that demands flexibility. Given differences in economic opportunities, this dualism in self-employment can have important consequences for regional economic growth and territorial cohesion.

The central question of this workshop is how self-employment and entrepreneurship contribute to social and regional inequalities?

ERSA is also co-organizer of the following workshops:

UNIV13B121 – Migration and Cities: Territorial Aspects of Migration

UNIV13C112 – Spatial Data Requirements for Effective Spatial Policy

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