Prominent Scholars and exciting Sessions for ERSA2018 in Cork!

The Local Organising Committee is delighted to update on their Keynote and Plenary Sessions.

Wednesday August 29th at 9.00, Professor Serge Rey will be the keynote Speaker of the The Spatial Economic Analysis Plenary Lecture.

It will be followed by be Papers in Regional Science Keynote Lecture to be given by Professor Ron Martin. His presentation is titled “The Resilience of Cities to Economic Shocks: Four Recessions and Brexit”.

On Thursday August 30th, Professor Eveline van Leeuwen will present the Regional Science Policy and Practice Keynote Lecture on urban-rural differences in policy and practice.

Friday August 31st will have the REGION Young Regional Scientists Roundtable. With this roundtable, the Programme Committee aim to provide a forum for young regional scientists to share their perspectives on the discipline.

We invite you to learn more about these sessions and the keynote speakers on the Congress website