Special Issue: The trade, geography and regional implications of Brexit
March 2018, Volume 97, Issue 1, Pages 1–170

RSAI is pleased to offer the contents of this Special Issue to read and download for free throughout 2018.

“Guest edited by Professor Philip McCann, this curated collection of articles on ‘The Trade, Geography and Regional Implications of Brexit’ will allow the reader to appreciate contributions which open the debate to the real threats that the UK and the EU are going to face over the next years”, says Roberta Capello, Roberta Capello, Editor in Chief, Papers in Regional Science.

By Philip McCann
UK Trade and FDI: A post-Brexit perspective
By Swati Dhingra, Gianmarco Ottaviano, Veronica Rappoport, Thomas Sampson, and Catherine Thomas
• The Continental Divide? Economic Exposure to Brexit in Regions and Countries on both sides of the Channel
By Wen Chen, Bart Los, Philip McCann, Raquel Ortega-Argilés, Mark Thissen, and Frank van Oort
• Consequences of Brexit and Options for a “Global Britain”
By Steven Brakman, Harry Garretsen, and Tristan Kohl
• The regional costs of market size losses in a EU dismembering process
By Roberta Capello, Andrea Caragliu, and Ugo Fratesi
• The Long-term Economic Implications of Brexit for Scotland: An Interregional Analysis
By Gioele Figus, Katerina Lisenkova, Peter McGregor, Graeme Roy, and Kim Swales
• Internationalized at work and localistic at home: the ‘split’ Europeanisation behind Brexit
By Riccardo Crescenzi, Marco Di Cataldo, and Alessandra Faggian
• Brexit and its Possible Implications for the UK Economy and its Regions
By John S.L. McCombie and Marta R.M. Spreafico
• Beyond Brexit: reshaping policies for regional development in Europe
By Jon Bachtler and Iain Begg

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