ERSA Prize in Regional Science 2018

ERSA and the Jury of the ERSA Prize Committee are pleased to announce that this year’s prize recognizes Andrés Rodríguez-Pose (Professor of Economic Geography in the Department of Geography and Environment, London School of Economics, UK) for his outstanding contribution to pushing the boundaries of regional science.

His research is widely cited in academic circles and frequently attracts the attention of policy-makers and the wider public. Examples of his scientific achievements are numerous, to cite only a few: The revenge of the places that don’t matter (and what to do about it), an article which has been recently published (Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society, 2018), Do Institutions Matter for Regional Development? (Regional Studies, 2013), or the book Local and regional development (co-authored with A Pike and J Tomaney – 2006 1st Edition, 2016 2nd Edition Routledge).

The Jury of the ERSA Prize Committee also praised his long-standing service to the regional science community: His career shows a perfect match between scientific contribution, contribution to society/policy, and contribution to the regional science community. As such, the Jury agrees “He is a very good example of a ‘social’ Regional Science Leader”.
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The ERSA Prize in Regional Science 2018 will be presented on August 31st during the Closing Ceremony of the 58th ERSA Congress in Cork, Ireland where Andrés will also be invited to give a keynote presentation.