On 17 October 2019, Roberta Capello was elected President of AISRe, the Italian Section of RSAI. Roberta Capello succeeds Guido Pellegrini (president from 2016-2019) for a three-year-term (2019-2022).

The new board also includes Cristina Bernini , Secretary AISRE and Marusca De Castris, treasurer, see full list including councillors and auditors: https://www.aisre.it/associazione/consiglio-direttivo-aisre

We wish Roberta Capello a fruitful AISRE Presidency and welcome her at the European Regional Science Association Council (ERSAC) as the New AISRE Section Representative.

Roberta kindly accepted to answer a few questions:

You have just been elected as the New AISRE President, looking back at AISRE history, what would you say?

I am honoured and pleased about this role. AISRe has a long and successful history: 40 years of conferences and scientific events led the association to be a large and well established one.

The success of AISRe stems from its international linkages to ERSA and RSAI, representing a strong bond with the Regional Science community all over the world.

What are your first plans for AISRE?

The plans for the three years Presidency focus on efforts to keep, and when possible increase, the quality of AISRe and its events: the annual conference, the editorial activities (journal and books), new events for young Italian scholars.

I feel personally attached to ERSA and RSAI, and I have always seen as a unique advantage for AISRe to be part of the international community. For this reason, during my Presidency I shall do my best to make the relationship between AISRe and its supranational organizations even stronger.

How important is ERSA for AISRE?

The importance of ERSA is for AISRe so strong that the Italian Section has always participated in the life of its supranational, by organising two ERSA conferences in the past (Rome, 1997 and Palermo, 2013) and one next year (2020) in Bozen, jointly with EURAC.