Daniela Luminita Constantin, Professor at the Bucharest University of Economic Studies and ERSA Council member, has been recently elected Member of the Academia Europaea, a functioning European Academy of Humanities, Letters and Sciences which aims at the advancement and propagation of excellence in scholarship, research and education. The members of the Academia Europaea are leading experts from the physical sciences and technology, biological sciences and medicine, mathematics, the letters and humanities, social and cognitive sciences, economics and the law, including a significant number of Nobel Laureates. More info at https://www.ae-info.org/ae/Member/Constantin_Daniela-Luminita

I am deeply grateful for being elected to this so honouring position. In response to the support received, I see my service as a tribute to ERSA and to my own university and do hope it will meet the expectations prompted by the great achievements of those ERSA members who have been holding long-standing positions in the Academia Europaea. Daniela Luminita Constantin

Our sincere congratulations on this new position. We wish Daniela every success in her new duties at the Academia Europea.