ERSA is glad to announce the upcoming webinar as part of ERSA Covid Battle Online Series in relation to the current pandemic.

The 2nd round of the battle will feature ” The impact of COVID 19 on tourism and mobility” which will be brought by two outstanding scholars: Özge Öner (Associate Professor, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom)
who will feature “Reviving tourism in the post-COVID world” and João Romão (Associate Professor, Yasuda Women’s University, Japan) with a contribution on “Covid-19 meets climate change: from over-tourism to no-tourism and back“.

Registration is free but mandatory.

>> Link to register <<

Short bio of the speakers

Özge Öner is an Associate Professor in Spatial Economics and Real Estate at the Land Economy Department of University of Cambridge. Öner is also a Fellow in Economics at Sidney Sussex at University of Cambridge, and a Research Fellow at Research Institute of Industrial Economics in Stockholm. She earned her PhD in Economics with a focus on Urban and Regional Economics in Jönköping in 2014 and she is the 2019 recipient of the Young Researcher Award in Sweden. She writes monthly columns at the newspaper Swedish Daily (Svenska Dagbladet).

João Romão is an Associate Professor at the Department of International Tourism and Business of Yasuda Women’s University. He is an economist with a PhD. in tourism (University of Algarve, Portugal, 2012) and he has experience in consultancy, research and teaching on related fields in Portugal, The Netherlands and Japan. With more than 50 publications, his research interests cover aspects of sustainable development, innovation, transportation and territorial governance. João is a co-chair of the cluster on Leisure, Tourism and Recreation of NECTAR (Network on European Communications and Transport Activities Research).

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