On October 30, the Polish Section held elections for the New Board. Artur Ochjoski has been re-elected President of the Polish Section. The entire new Board elected for the term 2023-2026 is composed of :

Artur Ochojski – President
Magdalena Wiśniewska – Vice-President
Wojciech Dyba – Secretary
Justyna Trippner-Hrabi – Treasurer
Edyta Szafranek-Stefaniuk – Board Member
Tomasz Herodowicz – Board Member

The Polish Section anticipates the ongoing enhancement of relations with other national sections, particularly those in Central and Eastern Europe. Our objective is to augment our scientific endeavors by emphasizing increased publication output as a section and introducing novel platforms for disseminating knowledge on techniques and methodologies in regional science. Lastly, we will intensify collaborative research efforts in regional science and policy.

Artur Ochojski, President of the Polish Section

We extend our sincere congratulations to Artur and all Board members and wish them continued success!