We are delighted to communicate that Ilona Pálné Kovács (Centre for Economic and Regional Studies, Budapest) has been elected the new President of the Hungarian Regional Science Association (MRTT).

The election took place on November 2 during the 21st Annual Meeting of Hungarian Regional Science Association (MRTT). 

I am very honoured to have been elected President of the Hungarian Association. I plan to continue the good work of my predecessor adapting our programme, when needed, to the overall policy and institutional changes. Our mission remains the same, to organize and keep Hungarian regional scientists and other interested partner disciplines together in a time when regionalism is politically not so popular. I look forward to start working with the entire new board.” 
Ilona Ilona Pálné Kovács, President of MRTT

New board for the term: 2023-2027

  • President of the MRTT: Ilona Pálné Kovács
  • Secretary General of MRTT: Szilárd Rácz
  • Secretary of the MRTT: Sándr Zsolt Kovács 
  • Vice Presidents of MRTT: József BenedekZoltán Gál (ERSAC representative) and Katalin Mezei
  • Members of the BoardViktória Józsa, Katalin Lipták, Balázs Páger, Pál Szabó, Balázs István Tóth and Zoltán Bajmócy (alternate member) 
  • Chairman of the Audit CommitteeGyörgy Csomós
  • Members of the Audit CommitteeJudit Berkes, Zsófia Vas and Katalin Rácz (alternate)

We wish Ilona Pálné Kovács and all board members a fruitful 4-year term!

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