International Conference 2021
Territorial and Inter-Organizational Cooperation’ 2021
22-24 September 2021, Brenna, Poland








The ERSA Polish Section gave its patronage for the International Conference: “Territorial and Inter-Organizational Cooperation’2021” which will be held in Poland on 22-24 September 2021.

The Conference is addressed to researchers and practitioners, dealing with different aspects of territorial and inter-organizational cooperation in the context of local, regional and international dimension.The Conference is characterized by its interdisciplinary approach resulting from raising multiperspective scientific problems and innovative formulas. The Conference’s main aim would be networking and forming international, interdisciplinary scientific teams working together on new scientific challenges. My intention is for the Conference to become an international platform of scientific cooperation represented by different academic centres and practitioners, who should take full advantage of the research results.

The Conference attendance is free of charge thanks to the ‘Regional Initiative of Excellence’ project funded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. The costs of travel and accommodation are covered by participants. I believe that establishing continuous scientific cooperation with Research Institute on Territorial and Inter-Organizational Cooperation, which I run, would bring benefits for each Conference participant in the form of joint projects and scientific publications.

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