We are delighted to announce that ERSA Section representatives unanimously elected André Torre as the new President of ERSA last friday (31st August 2018) at the ERSAC Meeting held during the 58th ERSA Congress in Cork.

André Torre is Professor of Economics, University Paris-Saclay, INRA, AgroParistech. He is head of Maison des Sciences de l’Homme, University Paris-Saclay, Managing Editor: Revue d’Economie Régionale et Urbaine, Journal of the French Speaking Association. Regarding his past positions inside ERSA-RSAI Community, André is past president of French Speaking Association, ASRDLF (2008 –2011), he was a representative of ERSA at the RSAI Council and Vice President of ERSA (2014 –2018). Learn more on André Torre’s profile through his personal website.

In his quality of President, André confirms ” the attractiveness of ERSA, its place at the forefront of the scientific debate and as a meeting point for researchers from various places, disciplines and approaches”.
André Torre will succeed Jouke van Dijk who has been President of ERSA since January 2014. Very anxious of not losing the benefits of his collaboration with Jouke van Dijk during the last 5 years, André will involve past President as adviser to the board and the EOC. His five year-term will start on the 1st January 2019.

On behalf of all Section Representatives, the EOC and ERSA Board, we would like to express our most sincere congratulations to André and wish him  abundant success in this new responsible position!

Jouke van Dijk and André Torre  – Photo By Tomas Tyner, UCC.